(1) Since part of the sale proceed go to Charity, can the buyer get tax benefit out of it?

Ans:    Yes. If the buyer can provide his/her NRIC number to PSS, the 40% contribution to Charity can be treated as direct donations from the buyers to SPD. In this way, SPD will be able to issue the buyers with receipts addressed to them. As SPD is a charity with IPC status, the buyers will be eligible for 2.5 times tax deduction for the 40% of the sale proceeds that they have paid as this will be treated as donations to SPD.


(2) What is the size of photo to be printed? Can I order a smaller print size say 8”x10”?

Ans:    The standard size of the photo to be printed will be either 12” x 16” or 12” x 18” depending on your chosen photograph. Panorama photo will be printed at 12″ x 24″ size. You may also order one of the standard 12” x 16” photo frame or 12” x 18” photo frame or the custom-make 12″ x 24″ photo frame (for the panorama photo) together with the ordering of photo. For those buyer who like the photo to be printed at larger print-size, the additional top-up price will be quoted by PSS on a case-by-case basis.


(3) Is there a choice between glossy and matte?

Ans:   Yes.


(4) When can I receive or collect the print from the date of order?

Ans: PSS will notify the buyer to collect their print from PSS office within 3 weeks from date of order.


(5) Do you ship the order to me or self- collect? Any shipping or handling charges if I opt for delivery? What if the print gets damaged on delivery?

Ans: The buyer is required to self-collect from PSS office at 30 Selegie Road, Selegie Art Centre, Singapore 188351 after receiving the notification from PSS that the print is ready for collection. If the buyer opt for delivery, we could arrange for local delivery via courier service and an additional delivery charge of $10 will be payable. We will replace the print if it gets damaged in transit.


(6) Can you ship overseas?

Ans:    Yes. We can ship overseas. Shipping charges plus insurance will be quoted upon request, depending on the delivery address.