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iCarePhoto Sale Project

iCarePhoto Sale Project is an initiative by The Photographic Society of Singapore to promote photography works and to contribute to the charity. All photographers involved in the PSS iCarePhoto Sale Project joined on invitation basis and their photos to be displayed in PSS iCarePhoto Gallery are subjected to the selection and approval of PSS.

The selling price of the photographs are determined by the photographer concerned but part of the proceeds will go to the charity (“SPD”). SPD is a local charity set up to help people with disabilities of all ages to maximise their potential and integrate them into mainstream society. For more information about SPD, please visit or alternatively, you may click on the weblink below. The effort of the photographers to the charity will be acknowledged.

Through this initiative, PSS hope to contribute towards promoting cultural richness as well as nurturing photography and the arts in Singapore, making arts an enjoyable and an integral part of the Singaporean lifestyle.

Photographers who wish to participate in the iCarePhoto Sale Project or public who want to make enquiry on the iCarePhoto Sale Project could contact PSS through email ( or call PSS at telephone number 63343361 between 1 pm to 6 pm for more information.

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